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Unifying art + social responsibility | Art + Activism is ART-tivism. ART—tivism was created to unify art and social responsibility. We are using art to focus on raising social, environmental, technical awareness and more. Our goal is to create a culture of change through conversations. ART-tivism is the new art!

The Rollin to the Polls Voting Initiative will be in attendance with voting information.

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 Legislative Action Meeting: Montgomery (ACLU Alabama)
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Legislative Action Meeting: Montgomery (ACLU Alabama)

The Alabama Legislative season will start on March 5th, 2019. Come join us for a training and discussion as we prepare to fight for what's important to us in Alabama.

We'll be taking about:
-How to find and track bills
-How to effectively engage legislators
-Issues likely to come up this session including marijuana reclassification, modernizing our sex ed language, data collection for racial profiling, better government transparency, and advancing juvenile justice. We will also learn strategies on defending against bills that threaten our rights
-Ways to share your story to advocate for change

This event is free: there will be snacks and drinks!

We want to bring as many people together so we can learn how to engage with our elected officials, talk about what matters most to us, and use our collective power to build a better Alabama. Please share!

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