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Voters must be registered in order to be eligible to participate in an election. Voter registration is intended to ensure that everyone entitled to vote can do so, to prevent ineligible persons from voting, and to guard against multiple voting by the same individual. The accuracy of the voter register is a key element in ensuring that all qualified constituents can enjoy the right to vote. People should not be denied registration as voters on the basis of such factors as race, sex, language or religion. It is widely accepted that citizens should not have to pay a poll tax or meet literacy, income or education requirements in order to vote. One of RTTP’s goals is to make sure every eligible citizen in the River Region area is registered to vote.



Millions of American citizens are unable to vote because of a past criminal conviction. As many as 3.3 million of these citizens live, work, and raise families in our communities. But because of a conviction in their past they are still denied this fundamental democratic right. These laws, deeply rooted in our troubled racial history, have a disproportionate impact on minorities.

RTTP has been collaborating with several organizations to help citizens with past felony convictions get their rights restored.

Learn how to restore your voting rights.



The act of voting is the most important contribution every single eligible voter can make to insure the health of our democracy. Yet year after year, a discouraging number of eligible voters choose not to pull the levers of power. In advance of the municipal elections, the Rollin to the Polls Voting Initiative will work tirelessly to educate citizens of the River Region on the importance of being a knowledgeable voter. Educating the electorate is the surest way to increase motivation to turnout so that election results might better match the will of the people.



Voter turnout for local elections has historically lagged and hurts minority representation. Local offices, such as city council representation, could be transformed by expanded turnout. Cities with higher levels of turnout have much greater minority representation in elected office. By increasing local turnout, we could possibly eliminate almost one quarter of the underrepresentation of so many.

The Rollin to the Polls Voting Initiative is committed to mobilizing all voters to the polls by providing FREE transportation on Election Day.

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